General questions:
Is the App available in my language?
The App is currently available in English
Why am I not able to upgrade to PRO from my iPhone?
When you upgrade from your iPhone and your phone is vertically, your get a white screen. Turn your phone horizontally, and you should be able to upgrade from your phone, but we recommend upgrade from a labtop/tablet etc
I forgot my password?
I tried to reset my password, but did not receive any email with the reset function
Please check your email SPAM-folder
Which mobile phones does KayakLog support?
Currently iPhone and Android Devices running OS 4+
What is the difference between Free and Pro?
User Guides:
KAYAKLOG App guide
Tracking without Data connection
How does Emergency ID work?
How do I close my Profile?
Add a manual log
How do I change the units in the app?
You will be able to change the units between Metric (km,km/h and m/s)and US units (miles, mph and Beaufort) by selecting Settings in the app