Getting Started

  1. Download the app
  2. Create new user and sign in
  3. Start a new kayaklog trip
  4. While logging
  5. View your logs

1. Download the app

You need to download the KAYAKLOG app from the app store for your platform

2. Create new user and Sign in


First time you will be asked to Sign In/Create new user. If you are a new user, you need to Sign Up/Create new user.
Sign Up with your Name and email address, create a Password and accept the Kayaklog ‘Terms and conditions’.


Sign In with your email and password. Login is only possible, while you have data connection.
If you want the app to remember your login details, select the ‘Please Remember me.

KAYAKLOG Dashboard

After Sign in, you see the Dashboard with the summary data of all your kayak trips

3. Start a new kayaklog trip

Press ‘NEW LOG’ to start a new log

KAYAKLOG Dashboard

Weather and current wind speed and direction are shown, both as digits and color code. The alert is based on recommendation by BCU
GREEN → Safe to go
YELLOW → No problem  (Wind speed 5-8 Force)
RED Take care  (Wind speed 9-12 Force)

When you are ready to start your trip, press the ‘Start button


When a new log is started, the current Trip duration and distance are shown.
You can now lock your screen and the app will track your kayak route while you are paddling.


Press the ‘Pause/Stop’ button to Pause or Stop your trip.
If you select the ‘Pause’ button, Duration and Distance is stopped temporary. This is very useful, if you want to have a rest on your trip.


After your break, you can resume your tracking by tapping the ‘Resume’ button, and the tracking of your trip will continue


If you press the ‘Stop’ button, you will get the option to enter a name for your trip and save it. If no name is entered, the trip is saved with date and time for the log. If you don’t want to save log, tap the ‘Delete’ button.
If you choose to save, all your data is transferred to http://www.kayaklog.net, where you can view, edit and print your logs. After saving, you will return to the Dashboard.

4. While logging


While you are logging, you can take pictures of your trip and get the local weather forecast by selecting the ‘Camera’- or the ‘Weather’ button.


Pictures taken under your trip are sent to http://www.kayaklog.net and is saved on your phone in a Camera Roll. It is possible to share Pictures from the Camera Roll on facebook, if you are connected to Facebook from the app.


Selecting the ‘Weather’ button shows the local weather forecast 24 hours ahead

5. View your logs


Selecting the ‘View logs’ button on the Dashboard, you get a list of all your logs sorted by year and month


Select the month you want to view and you get a list of all your trips for the selected month


Select the trip you want to view and you get a screen with all logged data for the selected trip